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I have had a few readings within the past few years and I must say by far Mrs. Lee has been the best. She is so kind and understanding. I had all my doubts and worries answered for me without me having to ask any questions really at all. I highly recommend Mrs. Lee if you are looking for right to the point and honest psychic she is it!

by holly456


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Amazing and Accurate

My husband and I went in with an open mind and basically just for fun!  I never believed in this stuff before but after going to Mrs. Lee I'm a big believer.  She didn't ask questions so I'm still trying to figure out how she did it.  She is AMAZING!  And accurate.  Highly recommend her!




After hearing from a friend and read her review, I decided to give Mrs. Lee a try. She blew me away! What she told me really helped me to see a bigger picture of my life. She was right now target on everything. Definitely come back to see her again.



Great experience

I had to tell you of my experience today with Mrs. Lee, My company had a halloween party/charity event this morning. I never had my fortune told before,Some of my co workers were getting readings, so I gave it a try. This lady is so real I was flabbergasted, She pin pointed exactly what I needed to know. She made a believer of me. On the charity side Mrs. lee donated her fee to our event... a class act...  Thank you Mrs. Lee you are a good person.


  kilemo cho

Very good Reading

This wonderful women Mrs. Lee gave me the most proficient reading that I ever had. I`v seen several other readers, but Mrs. Lee is far superior, she gives you the information you are searching. and tells it like it is...Thank you Mrs. Lee



Great Experience

Mrs. Lee is great and so incredibly accurate. She told me details about my life that NO ONE knows about. I went to see her first about six months ago and have sent about ten friends and family members. Everyone had a great experience except one of my friends who kept saying mrs. lee wasn't legit. Months later and that friend had her reading starting to come true. Mrs. Lee will tell you the good and bad so don't go see her if you want to hear only the good stuff and if she says one bad thing or challenge you will have to face, you just wont believe she is legit. She was incredible and saved me from spiraling in a black hole. She opens your eyes and is VERY fair. The first time I went was about a 30 minute session the second time Mrs. Lee couldn't see anything and asked me to come back after February to give time for the certain event she told me about in my first session to happen and then come back for a reading. She didn't charge me at all for the second reading because she couldn't see anything at the moment. NO physic who is there to only scam you would have not charged me. I recommend her to everyone who wants the experience. I would never go see another physic, I would feel like I was cheating on Mrs. Lee : ) She's the only physic for me!!



I've heard of Mrs. Lee for years

I've heard of Mrs. Lee for years, she is all the rave around Orange County, I kept putting it off. So finally I contacted Mrs. Lee for an appointment, I realize now what my friends are talking about, Mrs. Lee is the most accurate psychic I have ever seen, and i seen many, some that are so called `celebrity psychics`, Mrs. Lee touched on many things that you can`t just guess. I am writing this review because I know Mrs. Lee is truly a gifted person and she is very caring.



Everything she said resonated as right

I went to Mrs. Lee after reading her reviews ........they mostly gave her a 5 star so I had very high expectation. I must say, she did a better reading all the other mediums that I have gone too.....some are world reknown and 5 times more expensive! She didn't sugar coat anything and was very blunt--tell you like it is....everything that she said resonated as right on the dot with me...even the tiniest details about my career & family. I had recently been out of a relationship with hopes of reconciliation with the man who broke my heart. Mrs Lee said that this man was not my soulmate and that we would NOT get back together...which at that time, I didn't want to hear from her. But she assured me that I would be in a very good relationship within a year. Well, I am writing this review a year later & YES... everything she has predicted so far has come true. I just hope that Mrs. Lee isn't going to raise her rate because of her growing popularity. Please keep your rate the same Mrs. Lee!



Thanks Accurate and personal

Mrs. Lee thanks for the session, Not only was the reading accurate, but it also shed some very important information on the situation with my mother. I did what you said, now I can say my family`s situation is much better. I'm looking forward to keeping in touch,

Thank you very much Mrs. Lee God Bless You and your Family



Mrs. Lee I can't Thank you enough

Your reading was like full body amor, It kept me safe from A week that wanted to toss me hard. I can't believe I feel so much better.  Your encouragement to trust myself.  Foremost I thank you for giving me hope and strength to get through the times of heaviness . thanking God that he put us together.



Excellent Reading

I (have) seen Mrs. Lee several times and my friends have..... All I can say is Mrs. Lee is a caring and to the point psychic.  She is gifted and her predictions have come to be.  I will say if your looking for a psychic to sugar coat don't see Mrs. Lee.  But if want a psychic to get to the point see Mrs. Lee.



She's TRULY gifted

I was skeptical about psychics until I met Mrs. Lee. The only information I gave her was my name, birthdate and something metal to hold. That's it. Within a few seconds she not only told me why I was there (about a recent break-up). BUT she also knew EXACTLY how long it had been (6 weeks) and tremendous detail about the situation. So far her predictions have come true. She is the real deal.....very kind, accurate, professional and caring. I definitely recommend her. I'm truly amazed. I will certainly go back to her.



Very impressed-

(I) saw Mrs. Lee a couple (times) this year, the prediction I was waiting for thank GOD it came about! I am very grateful to Mrs. Lee.



Very Impressed~Professional

The reading started off as you may think, I did not have any thing going on, no problems I just felt that something was missing in my life, since I was A child I felt that way, Mrs. Lee gave me some information that clears up A lot of Questions and feelings (I would rather keep this private) I can live my life understanding why some things had to be.  Mrs. Lee you have A gift and thank you.



Changed my life forever

I have met with Mrs. Lee several times over the past year. Her predictions and guidance pulled me out of an emotional rut I had been stuck on for many years. I didn't just gain clarity, but my spiritual self is at its highest peak. I found my way home and discovered who I really was and why I'm here. I strongly recommend Mrs. Lee, she is very professional, honest and a wonderful guide.



Second Reading Better then first

This is my second reading with Mrs. Lee and it was better then the first.  I guess I have much more in my life now!  I got married a couple months ago, Mrs. Lee told me I would meet my soulmate at my best friends party.... I did and thank God, thanks for everything.


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Insightful and Engaging

Thank you for your insightful and engaging reading.


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Right on Point

Mrs. Lee was right on point with all the information that she gave me and not only did she give me a clear picture of my present and future she gave me guidelines to what I should follow.


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Pleasant and Informative

She was pleasant and informative.  I left feeling positive about myself.